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Players act as members of a flamingo flock, or Flamboyance, trying to find new sources for Carotenoids. Normally flamingos will filter their food and gain their daily dose of Carotenoids in shallow waters where they wade. However, these flamingos have eaten all the sources of food in the shallow parts of the lake and because of this they are losing their pink colors. Flamingos rely on their pink color as a symbol of dominance in their flamboyance with the pinker flamingos on the top. The flamingos have started to dive deeper waters to regain their color. This is their story. 

Movement - Left Stick
Neck - Right Stick
Dash - Triggers

  • Eat krill and plants with your head to gain Carotenoids
  • Dashing into other flamingos will cause them to drop some Carotenoids and be stunned for a short duration
  • Collect the most Carotenoids in 3 minutes to become the most dominant Flamingo

Planned features:

  • Krillar.io
  • Strong Salmon

Producer/Scrum Master - Kinsey Bowensmith
Lead Programmer - Adam Clarke
Lead Artist - Cameron Howell
Lead Designer - Ryan Swanson

Install instructions

Extract and Play for Free! :D


Flambuoyancy v1.1.1 83 MB

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